Danny Phantom Pornography Story: Dannys Dream Chapter One

Danny Phantom Pornography Story: Dannys Dream Chapter One

Disclaimer: I don’t Danny Phantom, but if Butch Hartman is willing to give it to me, I wouldn’t mind saying i actually OWNED DP. :)

Danny’s Dream (Post PP)

“LILY! YOU ARE GOING TO BE LATE IF YOU DON’T COME NOW!!!” Danny screamed up the stairs.

“OK!!! Why didn’t you wake me up earlier, Daddy?!” Lily said

“LILIAN DANIELLE FENTON! You DO NOT talk to your father like that! You are grounded for a week!! That means NO party on Saturday! END of discussion!!!’ Sam yelled out from the kitchen.

“But Mom!!” Lily whined.

“I SAID END OF DISCUSSION!!!! Do you want 2 weeks?” Sam yelled louder.

“No…” Lily said quickly.

“Then be quiet and get in the car! NOW, YOUNG LADY!” Sam yelled once more.

After Danny and Lily left, Sam went to the living room and picked up the phone.

“Hello? Dr. Mystri? Can i come in around noon? I think I might be pregnant…” Sam said.

“Are you sure, Mrs. Fenton?” Dr. Mystri said uneasy.

” Well…. It was Danny and I’s 5th Anniversary, so we kinda… well… did it….” Sam said.

“Ok. I’m filled with patients today… How about tomorrow at noon?” Dr Mystri said.

“Ok. That’s perfect. Thank you! Bye.” Sam hung up.

“Who was that, honey?” Danny said with confusion.

“Danny, that was Dr. Mystri… I might be pregnant. again…” Sam said.

“What?? How…. ohhhh…..” Danny asked then remembers the night of their recent anniversary.

” Yeah… I’m just so jittered up by this… A second child?? How are we going to deal with the terrible toddler AND a baby?” Sam said uneasy.

“Shhh…”Danny hugged Sam.”It’s going to be ok. I promise. Oh NO…” Danny said as he remembered something Clockwork had told him earlier in the week.

“What????” Sam said.

“Dan Phantom will be back a week after the baby is born… Clockwork told me earlier this week. But I was planning to tell you today, anyways.” Danny said quietly.

“Well, at least you will be with me all of the stages. You know?” Sam laughed quietly.

“How are we going to tell Lils that she is going to be an older sister?” Danny said laughing.

“I don’t know, Danny, I don’t know.” Sam said returning the laughter.

“Well, I’m going to take a shower. I got to help NASA with their newest Space Shuttle.” Danny said then kissed his wife lightly on the lips.

Danny hopped in the shower, cleansing his soul of any stress. Like the whole Sam’s pregnant thing. ‘I can’t believe she’s pregnant! I thought I used protection! Hmm….. Oh! Right… I was wasted.’ Danny mentally slapped himself. ‘That’s the thing I forgot to buy at 7-11!!’ Danny washed his hair then turned off the water, still deep in thought. Danny ended up walking into a door because of the thoughts. He walked through the house

“Sam? Sam??” Danny yelled down the hallway.

“I’m in the bathroom!!” Sam said.

Danny went to that bathroom and saw his wife on the floor with her head in front of the toilet.

‘Ahhh… Morning Sickness… Good Times! Good Times!’ Danny thought.

“Sam, honey? You OK?” Danny said.

“Yeah… Morning Sickness… Good Times! Good Times!” Sam said sarcastically.

“I thought the same exact thing.” Danny chuckled.

“Can you carry me to our bedroom? I am really tired and you know about the morning sickness, and…” she glances at her watch.” i won’t throw up because it is noon.” Sam said queasy.

“Ok, sweetheart. Brush your teeth so when I kiss you, I don’t throw up because of the smell and residue.” Danny said cautiously.

“You are very lucky I haven’t gotten my hormones yet.” Sam smiled devilishly.

“Yep. I will-” Danny heard the doorbell ring.”Hold that thought.” Danny said.

“Hell-OH MY GOD!” Danny screamed.

“What? Danny honey are you oka-OH MY GOD!” Sam screamed.

“Surprise, Surprise, Daniel and Samantha.” Vlad chuckled.

“What are you doing here!” Danny said, while going ghost.

“I came to see how your pregnant wife was doing…” Vlad smiled darkly.

“How do you know about me being pregnant?!” Sam yelled.

“More than you think,”Vlad brushed her cheek with his hand.” my darling…”

Vlad then laughed and disappeared into the afternoon.

“uhhhh…..” Sam uttered then collapsed.

“Sam!” Danny yelled.

Danny then took Sam up their bedroom and he watched over her until she woke up. ‘Please be okay, Sam….’ Danny thought. His vision blurred, then he blacked out.

“Sam!!” Danny sat up in bed as his parents and sister looked at him strangely.

“Son, what is with you? Maybe that paparazzi has caused your brain to go nuts!” Jack’s voice boomed.

“Sweetie, has anything been bothering you? Maybe about Sam?” Maddie said gently.

“I-Its N-Nothing, Mom. I-I’ll be fine.” Danny said shakily. ‘What if that dream meant something? Maybe its a sign…’ Danny thought.

Suddenly, Sam and Tucker ran into the room.

“Is he okay? What happened? Did a ghost attack??” Sam said, soaking wet.

“Oh Goodness Gracious, Sam! Did you run all the way here? Let me get a towel. You’ll catch pneumonia!!” Maddie said worriedly.

“Ok, Mrs. Fenton.” Sam said. She walked up to Danny’s bed and sat beside him.

“Danny?” Sam asked quietly.

“Yeah?” Danny said with the same tone.

“Are you going to be ok?” She ran her hands through his hair, while Danny put a hand on her cheek.

” I’m going to be fine, Sam. Thanks for caring, you guys.” Danny said sweetly. He then kissed Sam on the forehead, then laid back to rest again.


OHHHHHHHHH I wonder what dream he’ll encounter next?

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