Danny Phantom Pornography Story: Your Highness Danny Phantom – Chapter Five

Danny Phantom Pornography Story: Your Highness Danny Phantom – Chapter Five

I do not own Danny Phantom or any other mythical beings, or Harry
Potter (latter in the story when I begin to get bored.)

In this chapter, I am planning to bring back the ghosts and the Guys
In White again. Can you guess what will happen? Enjoy the chapter and
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on Chapter 4: Dannys Reaction:
I will hold a press
conference tomorrow in the afternoon. Until this plan is complete,
you must guard him to the best of your abilities.


(The next morning)

Danny walked out into Sams living room, ruffled with
bed head. He, Sam, and Tucker had fallen asleep in the middle of
their game-a-thon. He took off his jacket and stretched out his sore
wings. Good thing that the adult Mansons
get up and leave their house by 6:00 in the morning, or I might have
gone insane with trying to hide my crapping wings from them until Sam
and Tucker wake up and go home.
He thought
as he sat down and got some cereal to eat for breakfast. He turned on
the fancy silver television screen in front of him to catch up on the
news. Five minutes later, Sam and Tucker were awakened by Dannys
echoing cries.


(Sams POV)


Sam jolted up and rubbed her sore eyes. We
must have fallen asleep playing video games again. What woke me up?
Was that Danny?

Sam immediately jumped up and ran for the door. She
didnt even notice Tucker right beside her. Danny, dont
worry! Im coming! She yelled as she burst into the kitchen,
only to see Danny staring in shock at one of the kitchen televisions.

Danny, why did you scream? I dont see anything
Sam began, but stopped when she saw what was on television. There was
a group of dragons on television. She knew this because they were
wearing their wings out in public. Behind them was a large cave. At
the head of the group was an elderly woman with a pair of
salmon-colored wings. She stepped up to the conveniently-placed
microphone after gesturing for silence among the somewhat confused

Hello. We are what you may call dragons. We went into
hiding long ago when your race had reduced us to an incredibly small
population of only 200. We have come out of hiding for 2 reasons.
One, we have seen that the modern people are more accepting of
differences, and we are tired of covering our wings. Secondly, we
have found our true king, but he refuses to accept his role or any
protection. We were going to reveal his identity to you, but it would
disrespect him, so we will only tell you this. He lives in Amity Park
and is of the age of 16. To this day, our population is still small.
We number only up to 1000, spread out across the world in 5 different
communities. You can easily tell us apart from normal humans because
we will always have a set of wings, in both human and dragon forms.
She stated. She turned into her dragon form to demonstrate, easily
covering the majority of the mouth of the cave. We have decided
that it was for the best if we revealed ourselves in return for the
protection of our young, especially that of our young king. If you
see a minor dragon, or any dragon younger than 20 years of age,
please treat him or her like family. We are not animals. In fact, we
descended from everyday humans only thousands of years ago. Now I am
ready for questions.

Are your wings made of real precious metals? A
reporter asked.

Not all of us have real wings in that manner. Only
those born of a higher blood have true metal wings. Mine are made of
a real metal, but it is only a special type of clay. The pink
dragon explained. I will take you reporters on a tour of our cave,
so please hold your questions until we have successfully blind-folded
you and brought you inside. Please cover your cameras.

At this point, Sam, Danny, and Tucker turned off the
T.V. and looked at each other.


(The Guys in Whites POV)

We have been looking for Phantom for two days now.
Where is he when you want him to be out of the ghost zone? He had to
come out eventually. Wait I havent seen any ghosts around
lately. Maybe that is why Phantom isnt here. If this is true then
that means that to find Phantom, all that we need to do is find a
ghost attack,
Agent K was pondering as he
sat the RV, driving around the city searching for Phantom with Agent
X beside him.

Agent X, I believe that Phantom will not appear if
there is no ghost to fight. We should park some where that ghosts
frequently appear and hope that one does. Agent K recommended.

Sounds like a good idea at this point. Agent X
agreed, But where are going to find a place that has large ghost

Fenton Works, of course. Agent K said. They
would be happy to house us now if it meant paying back Phantom. They
feel as indebted to him as we do. Isnt it funny how similar those
names are? FentonPhantomFentonPhantom.

Yeah. Come on, we have a job to do. Agent X
answered. And with that, they drove off to Fenton Works.


(Dannys POV)

Danny, Sam, and Tucker were heading over to Dannys
house to lounge around because Sams parents were home.

What am I going to do? Tomorrow is school, and
everyone will be on the look out for dragons. Its not like the
public will do something that will conveniently allow me to cover up
for the sudden use of a jacket. Danny said sarcastically.

Maybe? You know that no one would really expect you
to be a dragon, just like no one suspects that you are Danny Phantom.
You are really good at making yourself look really wimpy. Sam
replied, not catching his sarcasm. They were rounding the bend when
Dannys Ghost Sense went off for the first time for the past two

Ugh I knew that the break in ghost activity
wouldnt last, but come on! Couldnt it wait until after
everything had settled down? Danny complained as he sent a blue-
white ring across his body, turning him into Danny Phantom.

He began to float upward, and would have immediately
dove at a certain Skulker if Sam hadnt shouted.

What is it Sam? Cant you see that I have work to
do? Danny asked, getting irritated.

Dont forget to turn your wings invisible, or the
human community will learn that Danny Phantom is the dragon king, and
the dragon world will learn that their king is a ghost, including
your parents. Sam warned him.

Thanks for reminding me! Danny yelled over his
shoulder as he sped toward Skulker again, simultaneously turning his
wings invisible. He flew around the corner, not spotting the GIW van
across the street and ran right into Skulker.

Skulker, couldnt you have given me at least a
month of vacation time before you started to try to hunt me again?
Key word is trying, though. Danny taunted as he began to
pummel Skulker.

Foolish Whelp! You cannot defeat me! I am the
greatest hunter in the Ghost Zone! I have come to do my ghostly duty
and take your blood to the Checking of the Collar! You cannot escape
this time. Skulker said as a blade appeared on his mechanical arm.
He sliced Danny across his leg and pulled out a strange vacuum.
Before Danny could even react, he used it to suck up large quantities
of red-green blood flowing out of his leg, but Danny snapped out of
it and quickly yanked off Skulkers head just as the vacuum was
filled. It fell to the ground when the suit deactivated.

Im sorry, but no one is allowed to crap in public
areas anymore. Danny said as he activated the Fenton Thermos.

Ghost-Child, you may have defeated me, but many more
will try to fulfill their duty by your blood, and your human life
will only get in the way. Skulker yelled in a very tiny, obnoxious
voice as he was sucked up into the thermos. Danny flew around the
corner and changed back with Sam and Tucker.

What do you think that was about? Sam asked.

I dont really know. All that I really care about
is the fact that it most definitely means that ghosts will be turning
up some more. Lets just turn around and hang out at the mall. Who
knows how many more ghosts could be waiting for me at home! Danny
sighed as they walked to the mall. He turned his head and saw a store
that made a smile grow on his tired, sad face.

Hey Sam, Tucker, get a load of what JD Lennys is
selling! Danny said as he began to laugh with joy. When they
looked, smiles soon spread on their faces as well. There, on the wall
were examples of their newest top products. They were fake dragon
wings and wing covers that were actually long jackets with hilarious
designs on them. One looked like something that a Teletubby would
wear. There was already a line forming in front of the store that was
half a block long. They could even spot Paulina in the front of the

I guess that if this is the new fashion rave, I wont
have to worry about standing out with this long jacket. Danny said
happily and walked toward the mall much more briskly with Sam and
Tucker, forgetting all about the vacuum tank full of his blood and
the prospect of many more ghost fights. None of them had noticed the
Guys in White listening in to the conversation that had gone on
between Danny and Skulker during the fight.


(The Guys in White POV)

Agents K and X stood at the window of their guest
bedroom, staring out in shock at what they had just learned. They
didnt even try to communicate with Phantom as he flew away.

Agent K, did you just hear that Phantom was human as
well as a ghost, or am I just going crazy? Agent X asked.

Yes. We must find out his human identity, it will
allow us to protect him more easily. No wonder none of the
ghost-signature trackers worked on him for long periods of time. It
must have been hard to lead that kind of double life. He must have
easily hidden from us just by turning human, but how are we going to
find his identity? Agent K asked, as his shock slowly wore away to
be replaced with awe.

Well, if he is human, then we can use the blood that
that ghost dropped to read his genetic structure and build a picture
of him. All humans have a genetic sequence, but ghosts only have
ectoplasmic energy to keep their form. Agent X offered.

Good idea. Ill get the blood. After we examine it,
we will need to inform our superiors of this information. It is too
large for us to keep to ourselves for too long. Agent K stated as
he left.


(Later, about 10:00 at night)

Agent K and X once again were in shock. This time
though, they were staring at a large computer screen. On it was a
picture of Danny Fenton and an enlarged piece of DNA permanently
infused with ectoplasm. Danny Fenton is
Danny Phantom!? We have seen him multiple times! He is only a child,
yet he saved the world and endured humiliation and had been de-graded
multiple time, and yet, even when he was declared a national hero and
could gain huge amounts, he choose to take no reward and stayed
anonymous?!! Not even some grown men have that high of a sense of
morality or endurance and patience. We have to inform the president!

Both Agents thought as they simultaneously broke out of shock again
and reached for the hotline. Agent K got to it first and asked for
the president.

Agent K, this had better be important. Its 1
oclock in the morning. The president answered as he yawned into
the phone.

we have made a startling discovery. The ghost that you assigned to us
to protect he is half human, and his true name is Danny Fenton.
Agent K slowly said. The president was silent for a while.

This brings up many new complications. Do not disturb
Phan-Danny for now, at least until I give you my word. Do not tell
anyone else about this new information. It is to be classified for
now. The president ordered before hanging up.

Agent K put down the phone and informed Agent X of the
presidents orders, and they left to order their employees to stop
working for the time.


(The presidents POV)

Phantom is part human. What should I do with this
information? He probably doesnt want this information to be
commonly known, or he would have told the entire world the day that
he saved it, but the countries need to know who they are paying to
have protected. History needs to know his life story to record him.

The president pondered at a solution to the problem that he thought
that he would never really need to face. Because
he is human, the other nations will want to know this and support
him. If I inform them, I can insure a better future for Danny, even
if he doesnt want his secret known for some reason. We owe him a
lot, and it is my duty to the world to insure that he has a good life
for what he did for us. By telling his secret for him, I could be
repaying some of the debt, or I could be punishing him. What should I
He sat there, and decided to meditate
on it for a bit until a solution came to him. If
I only told the world leaders, and forced them to keep the
information confidential to themselves and any personal necessary,
then they could still help to improve Dannys life secretly, and
Danny can keep most of his anonymity intact. He will thank me for
this one day.
The president looked at the
clock. It was 2:00 in the morning! Ill
call the world leaders in the morning. Then Ill send the Guys in
White back to protect him, but also with the job of being a median
between him and higher politics, and to get his trust back into the
With the solution set into his
mind, the president happily walked toward his bed.


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