Danny Phantom Pornography Story: Dreaming of a Fleeting Memory – Chapter Two

Danny Phantom Pornography Story: Dreaming of a Fleeting Memory – Chapter Two

Disclaimer: I do not own Danny Phantom nor its characters.
Pairing: Phantom/Fenton
Warning: Bl- implied; grammatical errors and OOC-ness
Rating: T+ (may change)
Title: Dreaming of a Fleeting Memory (will change until I find better one)
*Note: This has not been beta-ed, so please excuse my poor grammar skills… I did my best though :D*

Chapter one:

The city of Amity was a normal town filled with normal and average people. It had a school for kids to learn. Apartments and small town homes were scattered throughout the city. A park, where families can enjoy the warm sunny days and maybe for some lovebirds to hold hands and enjoy each others company, was also present. Malls, banks and entertainment facilities were also present.

An average town that was just the same as any town out there

Why cant you just leave me alone..?! The entity with glowing green eyes shouted back at his enemy as he dodge one of the many missiles filled with ectoplasmic energy.

That wouldnt be fun, ghost child! The enemy that had glowing fiery green hair and a mechanical and somehow muscular in look body retorted back to his prey as he dodged one of the green ectoplasmic energy that the prey or ghost child had blasted towards him.

The ghost child that was wearing a mutilated black cloak (courtesy of said enemy) charged towards the enemy with his fists filling with green energy. And will you stop calling me ghost child; I have a name you know..! He shouted back as he released the green energy when he got near enough so that the enemy wasnt able to dodge the attack.

The energy was so powerful that the enemy blew up into pieces and from the debris, a little green blob that had eyes, feet and hands, and was sitting on a chair with a parachute, appeared floating downwards towards the ghost child with glowing green eyes.

The ghost child took out a small gun and activated it, sucking the now protesting little green blob inside it. You will pay for this ghost child!!!! The green blob shouted as he was sucked inside the gun that made a clicking sound indicating that said entity or ghost had indeed been captured.

Yep, just a normal town

Thats Phantom to you..! He corrected the ghost inside the gun which in return just shook for a few seconds and then went still again after a few more seconds. The ghost child suddenly felt fatigue run through his body and decided to land in a nearby alley and pushed his back against the wall.

The ghost child sighed as he tucked the gun inside his now ruined black cloak. Now, I have to patch this thing.AGAIN… He said with remorse as he looked at his hands recalling how many band aids were present underneath the white finger gloves.

Funny, how can I still get injuredlet alone bleed if I am a ghost He closed his eyes as if he was recalling something.

Hurry, we cant let him get away!!!

Shutting down, shutting down!!

Blast him! But dont kill him! We still need to capture him alive!!

His closed eyes began to twitch as he recalled the events that happened to him months before he finally settled in this quaint little city (which was strangely inhabited by ghosts). Shaking the voices out of his head, he opened his eyes and fixed his hood to cover his snow white hair and eyes.

As he was about to fly home, he instantly heard a painful groan coming from his left side. Curious green eyes looked at the source of the groan. He was shocked to see a human with dark ebony hair lying down on his side coughing up blood. His white tee shirt and torn jeans were covered with scratches painted with slightly dried blood.

Due to his helpful nature (now mixed with shock and pity), he quickly went to the boys side and turned him so that the boy was lying flat down on his back on the floor. He quickly traced his body and observed that the young teenage boy had indeed taken a beating and was barely breathing.

He held him up with his arms and leaned in close as he heard a slightly audible whisper coming from the boys slightly bruised and pink lips. The young teenage boys eyes slowly opened halfway leaving Phantom to be shocked by its color.

Glowing emerald green eyes met shining sky blue eyes

HeIHelp me.. The boy whispered harshly before he closed his eyes and went limp on Phantoms arms, leaving a baffled Phantom to worry about what he should do.


* The glowing green eyes met blue ones line ~ if you have read my Terra E story in … then you’ll find something quite similar to this.. xD To be honest, I didn’t want to put that line..but it fit so well…so..”
*Yes, this chapter was short… It was supposed to be longer but uh well…*

*And yes, no BL part yet here… -runs away-*

*Characters like Dani/Danni (Danny’s so called second cousin.. XD) and Dan might not appear in this storyline… because this is an AU… Actually, Danni might but… Dan…
(It will be hard to put him in with the plot I’m going to be working with…) *

*And…lastly, the fight scene wasn’t impressive but I tried my best…really.. (I’m not used to describing those.in fact this was my first time actually writing a fight scene…) *

Thanks for reading :)

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