Danny Phantom Pornography Story: Your Highness Danny Phantom – Chapter 8

Danny Phantom Pornography Story: Your Highness Danny Phantom – Chapter 8

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on Chapter 7: The Fight:
Danny, Sam, and
Tucker got trapped by Skulker, The Fright Knight, and Technus.
Because they couldnt get out of the gym, Danny had to fight in his
ghost form. While they were fighting, no one noticed the Fright
Knight sneak to a bar that Danny had pulled out of his leg during a
surprise attack. When both Technus and Skulker were trapped in the
Thermos, they had finally noticed The Fright Knight, but it was too
late. He dripped some of Dannys blood onto a strange golden collar
and as he was being sucked into the Fenton Thermos, it latched itself
onto Dannys neck and began to electrocute him. When Sam tried to
pull it off of him, the silver lining on the collar fell off and
latched onto her neck. It began to electrocute her as well, and she
grew wings.




8: The Morning

POV, the next morning)

cracked his eyes open. Why do I feel like I
was just stung by a thousand angry bees inside my head?

He drowsily thought as he got ready. It wasnt until he was half
way through eating breakfast before he remembered what had happened
yesterday. Oh my god! What happened after I
fainted? Maybe it was all just a dream.
walked up into the bathroom again and looked in the mirror. Nope,
not a dream. Jazz should know what had happened.
looked around. Where is Jazz anyway? He
looked at the clock. The screen blinked back at him the ridiculous
time of 5:50 in the morning. I cant believe
it; I actually woke up 10 minuets earlier than even Jazzs alarm.
She should be down here soon too, and its useless to try to get back
to sleep with all of these questions tumbling in my head. Ill just
wait for her.

minuets later, Jazz walked down the stairs like clockwork. Her face
was solemn and her wings were drooped. Danny snickered. I
guess that wings arent only for flight.

She looked up and he saw her eyes grow wide with surprise, and then
framed terror.

the signing of the apocalypse! Danny is up earlier than me! Warn all
of the villagers and pray for our souls! She said dramatically.
Danny couldnt help but to laugh. Wow. Since
when was Jazz so dramatic?
He looked at her
wings and saw that they were still drooped, a sharp contrast with her
joking face. Not even someone so clueless as Danny would have been
able to overlook its tattletale message of how she really felt.

wrong Jazz? Danny asked. Jazz dropped the act.

could you tell? She asked.

is kind of hard not to notice since you have giant blue wings that
are drooping pretty low, even when you were happy. Danny
explained himself.

was just worried, as usual. I just didnt have these huge wings to
give it way before. I was kind of hoping that the ghosts had decided
to leave you alone because of the long break. I almost talked myself
into believing it. Oh well. Jazz explained. Anyway, why are you
so nervous?

Nervous? Me? No! Danny said sweating. Jazz just cocked an eyebrow.
What Danny didnt know was that Jazzs wings werent the only
ones betraying feelings. His were twitching quite a bit, almost
unnoticeably small twitches, but twitches all the same. Oh fine. I
dont know what happened yesterday. All that I remember was
fighting Skulker in my human form, sucking the Fright Knight into the
thermos, and this weird collar attaching onto my neck and shocked me
before I fainted. Can you tell me what happened afterwards?

that all? Jazz asked, her wings perking up a bit. I would be
happy to. You are really lucky that your gym class was so small.
There wasnt anyone in it that we really knew except for Dash and
Kaylin, and he was stuck in the boys locker room for some unknown
reason when all the doors were locked. Everyone else was just drugies
and liars. No one will believe what they say.

to the subject, Jazz. Danny interrupted as she began to trail off
in describing the ecological places of the people in his gym class
among the school, but he was slightly relieved that no one that
really mattered had seen him without the front of his shirt. How
embarrassing. Now everyone in gym knows now scrawny I really am. At
least it wont spread across the school. The last thing I need is
for knowledge like this to encourage Dashs Daily Beatings.

As everyone says, Danny was clueless of even himself.

Well, when you sucked up the Fright Knight, the collar flew towards
you and attached itself. Sam ran up and tried to grab it, but the
second she touched it, the silver parts of the collar detached
themselves and wrapped around Sams neck. And then, Sam immediately
grew fully-grown purple wings while it shocked her! Mom and Dad were
able to saw through the door and saw you and Sam lying on the floor
unconscious. They dragged both of you to the hospital, where they
declared that both of you were fine and had only passed out, and then
they dragged you and Sam to the lab to try to get the collars off,
but not even the flame throwers worked. They were impervious. After
they had given up, they took you to your room to rest as the dragon
doctors looked over Sams new wings before letting her parents take
her home. Jazz finished in one big breath. She saw her brothers
worried face. Dont worry, Sam is just fine. They were just
curious on how and why she got fully developed wings so fast. Ours
grew pretty fast compared to most, but hers was grown in a phenomenal

relaxed slightlyand fell right through the couch.

Are you ok? Jazz asked him when he stuck his head back out from
under the couch.

That hasnt happened since I first got my powers. I must have just
slipped up again. He said, rubbing his head. He looked at the
clock. It was still only 6:30. Their parents probably wouldnt wake
up for another half hour. He looked at the expensive looking collar
on his neck. Hey Jazz? Do you have something that I can use to
cover up this collar in school? I dont want people to be able to
connect this to the ghost fight yesterday. He got a strange
feeling in his head, and the word black just popped in.

something black. He added.

looked at him quizzically. Ok, I have just the thing. She ran
up to her room and came back with 2 black headbands. You can use
one on your neck instead of hair, and I am sure that Sam would
probably want one too. She explained. Danny put it on. It’s
not bad; although it is a little itchy of course Jazz would
suggest wearing headbands.

grabbed the other one and stuck it into his pocket and was just
beginning to relax again, when his eyes widened and he gasped. I
need to go to Sams now!

He yelled before he disappeared in a strange, well stranger, way than
usual. Instead of just vanishing, it looked like two giant, invisible
claws had closed around him and made him disappear. Jazz simply
shook her head before going to make herself breakfast.



had just woken up. She sat up and stretched her arms before rubbing
her head. Her back was sore, and her head felt like someone had been
hammering on it. Man! I have one killer head
ache. What happened? How did I get here? Is Danny ok? Ill probably
find out sooner or later.
She got up and went
to the shower and screamed.

Her parents
ran up to her room just as Sam came back out from the bathroom.

Honey! Youre awake. Her mom said. Congratulations on getting
your gorgeous wings!

in the world did these wings get on my back? And why cant I
take the weird collar off? Sam asked. And since when were you
happy with what happens to me?

you had apparently tried to take the collar off of that
and a piece of it came off and shocked
you, and the next thing we knew, you grew those wings. But, who cares
how it happened? My daughter is part of the most respectable, noble,
and always well-born species in the world! Her father answered
her, as her mother snuck behind Sam. Oh, and dont worry, the
special dragon doctors said that your wings were perfectly healthy.
Not only that, but you are actually part of the higher society of
dragons as well!

nice Dad, but what about the collar? HEY! What are you doing Mom?!
Sam yelled and spun around to face her mother.

down sweetie. I am just taking a sample to take to the jewelers to
see what type of mineral it is and how valuable one feather is.
She answered. And just ignore the collar for now on. The Fenton
Freaks already looked at it and said that it wasnt hurting you any
more, but it cannot be taken off.

face darkened. Of course. That is why Mom is
so happy. Having a Dragon daughter means that she wont have to ask
Dad for money as much. She can just steal it off of my back to go
shopping. She probably just wants to she how much she can get for
each feather. Dad on the other hand is just probably proud.

about Danny? The last thing I remember was him screaming and me
trying to get that collar off of him. She asked.

worry about that boy
Samantha. The dragon doctors did a very through examination of him
and proclaimed that he was fine and just needed some rest. I have no
idea why they would care about the boy so much. They even posted
guards outside of his house! Maybe he is a pet of some sorts. Her
mother answered as she plucked a feather.

then. I am going to wash up. Sam said before she headed back into
the shower.

a nice shower Samikins! Her father yelled after her.

call me that Dad!!!!!!!!! Sam whined. Her father just laughed as
he left. Sam smirked to herself. Theyre
probably going to go to another business trip.

He is so nice sometimes. I wonder what in the
world possessed him to marry her. Ha! Get it? Possessed!

an hour later Sam sat down at the table and began to eat alone. She
sighed. How am I going to cover this stupid
collar up in school?
The question had just
popped up in her head. Probably with something
black if I can find something.
She thought as
she leaned back and relaxed for a minuet. The house was quiet and
lonely as she sat there for a few minuets. It
is so lonely here. I wish Danny was here. I feel like I can just fall
apart here and no one will notice or miss

She screamed when she fell through the chair and half way through the
floor. DANNY!!!!!!!!
Suddenly, what looked like invisible claws appeared and opened up to
reveal something. It was Danny. He grabbed her arms and pulled her
out of the floor.

happened, Sam? How did you go intangible? Danny asked.

dont know. How did you get here so fast? Sam countered
automatically. Danny looked around like he had never noticed that he
was in her house.

dont really know. He answered slowly. I think that I
teleported here.

You got a new power. Sam said happily, completely forgetting the
earlier incident with her and the floor. She was just happy to be
with Danny.

and apparently, so did you. Nice wings by the way. Danny said. I
thought that I was the only one with the ghost powers.

thought so too. Maybe it was this collar. Sam offered.

Lets go back to the lab and see. Oh yeah. Jazz gave me this black
head band for you to wear. We dont want people to become too
suspicious. Danny said as he handed it over. I am not going to
try to teleport again. It hurt like hell. It was like someone was
trying to rip me up into pieces and then tried to glue me back
together again. It left a killer of a head ache. Do you want to try
out our new wings now since most of our neighbors are sleeping?

Follow me, Ill show you the way to the roof. Sam agreed calmly
on the surface. I cant believe it! I get to
fly on my own power and with Danny too! Thank you God for Dannys
need for secret keeping! I actually just to share our first flight,
with wingswith him! I am sooooo excited!
She squealed in a very un-Sam like manner in
her head as they went upstairs.



is a lllooooonnnnngggg way down.
Sam thought
as she stared down the side of the building. She looked at Danny. He
was standing there looking down too. Maybe I
shouldnt have told him to look down too. I wonder why he looks so
frightened. Its not like he had never flown before. Right?

wrong Danny? Sam asked teasingly, trying to put up a brave face.
She didnt see the birds coming toward them, including a very large
falcon. Afraid of heights?

really, but I had never looked down before. I dont think that we
should when we jump. We may freeze up. He said as he pulled off
his jacket and tied it around his waist. Sam copied.

we should wait until the dragon leaders decide to teach us. Sam
said and began to back away. The falcon suddenly ran right into Danny
and caused him to topple over the edge. Sam grabbed his hand and was
pulled off too.

They screamed. Open you stupid, useless wings!
Sam thought. They snapped open, and Sam
was jerked sharply into the air. That is going
to hurt tomorrow.
She looked around her and
couldnt see Danny anywhere. Oh no! Did
Danny crash!?
She heard laughing above her
and a golden feather fell in front of her face.

should have seen yourself Sam! You looked like you were going to die
when you opened your wings. Danny laughed. Sam began to get very,
very angry until for some strange reason, amusement began to
overpower it. Why in the world would I be
amused!? I thought that Danny was dead for a second!

She began to laugh, that is until she looked up and saw the falcon
that had pushed them over. It flew up to Danny and they saw that it
had a chick in its claws. So that is why it
was flying crazily. What is it doing? Birds dont carry around
their chicks.

held out its head for Danny to pet, and when he obliged, it held out
its chick. Just as Danny was about to take the naked thing, a huge
flock of birds descended upon him, half of them carrying chicks as
well. Danny was being smothered by a bunch of wild birds! Sam
snickered. This is so funny! The great Danny
Phantom was defeated by a bunch of living birds!

Some of the birds turned away from him and began to attack her.
Ok, now it is not so funny.

phased through all of the birds and yelled to Sam as they were busy,
Sam! Just think about not wanting to be there and move!

did as Danny instructed and instantly phased through her flock as
well. They flew in high speed to Dannys house, leaving the birds
in their dust. Danny spotted the guards. She could almost see his
eyes lighting up in anger. He tilted his wings and landed in front of

are you guarding my house again? I thought that we had agreed that
you would leave me and my family alone! Danny scolded at them
quietly, not wanting to wake his parents.

was before ghosts attacked you sir. That fight had knocked you out
for at least half a day. How in the world did you sneak out? Even the
windows were being guarded. One of them said.

is none of your business. Danny answered nervously. Is there
any way that I could get rid of you?

worry. We are only assigned to guard your home. We had promised not
to interfere too much, so we just placed more guards in the places
that you go to the most. The other guard reassured him. You
should be able to quite easily ignore us.

then. Danny pouted before turning back to Sam. Come on, lets go


(In the

weird. Your blood doesnt even look like mine. Danny said.
Although, I think your DNA has ectoplasm in it too.

do you mean you think? Sam asked as she took a peek into the
high-powered microscope.

my DNA looked quite normal, except for glowing green guck dripping
off of it. Danny began. Yours looks like it was built with
ectoplasm not just covered with it.

Sam asked. So that was what allowed you to get rid of your powers
about two weeks ago. That still doesnt explain how you got your
powers back or how I got them in the first place. Can I see your DNA
a well?

Danny agreed as he pricked his finger and wiped it onto a slide. Sam
looked into the microscope.

It doesnt look different from mine any more. She said. Danny
looked into it as well.

guess that the shock from the ghost attack must have permanently
attached the ectoplasm to my DNA. Danny said. He looked at the
time. It was 7:00 am.

should probably clean up. Mom and Dad will be up soon and we need to
go to school. Danny said as he turned off the microscope. We
should probably go upstairs.

went up, grabbed their backpacks, and headed out through the front
entrance to go to meet up with Tucker. Sam looked at Danny. Man.
He looks good when he has been lying around for half an hour

and the next thing that she knew, she was back in the

Are you ok? Danny said, sinking through the floor as well. What
were you thinking about that made you fall all the way through the

really beautiful painting of a man that I saw in the past? Sam
said hesitatingly. Partially true, he is quite
beautiful and he is a man.

the very observant person that we all know, fell for it. Ok then
Do you want a belt incase you think of it again? It helped when I was
trying to get control over my intangibility and I had a huge crush on
Paulina. I was constantly losing my pants. Youre lucky that you
only fell through the floor.

will most definitely need it if it is going to be the same for me.
Sure. I guess so. Sam answered.

they were finally able to get to school. I
never thought that it would start. Who knew that one hour in the
morning with Danny could last so long?


Sorry if this chapter was boring. I just
had to get these scenes out of the way to get to the action and drama
in the next few chapters. I didnt want to make it too long either.
My first attempts were too hard to continue, or were getting too
long. I will update soon. Once again, thanks to my beta
Dannyphantomfreeek for all of her work!!!!!!!!!!!! Bye. I love the

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