Danny Phantom Pornography Story: Danny Dan and Daniel Chapter 1

Danny Phantom Pornography Story: Danny Dan and Daniel Chapter 1

This is my first DP fic, I do not own any of the characters, Butch Hartman and Billionfold do, but hey, a guy can dream cant he? Happy reading!


It was impossible to say who was the most surprised at the true identity of Danny Phantom. His parents, the famed ghost hunters Jack and Maddie fenton, who had hunted him relentlessly. His english teacher Mr. Lancer, who had thought that he just a lazy student who wasted his time procrastinating.

The quarterback of the Casper High football team, who had shoved Danny fenton into his locker so many times it had become nearly routine. Or Paulina Sanchez, who had called Danny a loser countless times and rejected him even more, who had also had a crush on his ghostly alter ego.

Or maybe it was the world at large that was most shocked, shocked at the revelation that the greatest hero any of them had ever know, the savior of the planet, was a sixteen year old boy. He, along with the hundreds of other ghosts he had rallied, joined together to save the world from a massive asteroid, dubbed the disasteroid, by turning the entire planet intangible, letting the massive rock pass right through.

People gaped at him, their mouths ajar in awe. Danny stood there nervous on the icy surface of the artic. Would his parents accept him for what he was?

Or would his worst fears come true? It started out slow, only a few people clapping. But within moments the whole crowd gathered around the ghostly hero erupted in cheers.

Everyone joined in, his parents, , Valerie, Tucker his best friend and his sister Jazz, and of course, Sam. Danny’s heart pounded at the thought of what had occurred mere hours ago, when the two long time friends shared their first real kiss.

And for the first time in ages, Danny felt completely content, and the anxiety that had haunted him ever since he had acquired his powers vanished, and he felt truly happy.

But of course, peace would not last for the young hero. For whenever someone who stands for the cause of righteousness found peace, came to terms with his identity and found love, There was always a dark force, bent on ripping it apart. And turning the new found bliss, into eternal hell……


In another time altogether, where no such peace reigned, a lone figure flew quickly towards a floating clock tower in the distance. The ghost zone was now and complete utter chaos, not that it was all fun and games before. In the last year, nearly everything was left in ruins, ghosts and humans fled alike, all fearing the same terrible being.

There were not many ghosts who visited this area of the ghost zone, even when times were peaceful. Usually the only ones to ever come here were the one eyed observants, who ruled over the ghost zone and made sure things were kept in natural order. But this mans reason for visiting was for the master of the tower himself, Clockwork.

Inside the tower dozens of massive hourglasses line the walls, and many small golden pedants were stored on a rack on the opposite wall. The man walked through the halls of the tower, until he came to the central chamber, where stood the master of time himself, back turned, staring into a glassy orb viewing one of the countless time streams he controlled.

Beside him was a long table, where rested the cracked and shattered remnants of a metalic thermos.

“I was wondering when you would return here” Clockwork said without turning his head, his arms crossed. “I see that you’ve gained much strength, from some very odd places.” He gestured to the variety of strange augmentations covering his body, including armor, and a large sword strapped to his back

The man’s expression was nearly emotionless as he drew closer.

“I’m ready Clockwork, you know when I need to go.” The ancient ghost nodded, waving his hand over the glassy orb in front of him. Instantly the scene changed, Clockwork stepped aside.

The man walked forward, staring into the orb, old memories both joyous and terrible flooding his mind. He turned to Clockwork.

“Do you think I can do it this time? Can I beat him?” He asked, sounding somewhat like a child, desperately asking for reassurance from a parent, his tone dripping with anxiety. Clockwork smiled.

“You know that what I think is not important Daniel, I have seen what will occur, and you know that I can not tell you. I will alter th- “

“Time stream” Daniel finished for him angrily. “I’ve heard that from you countless times, but it does nothing to encourage me.” Clockwork smirked.

“The last year has change you significantly hasn’t it?”

“Of course it has!!” He nearly screamed back, pounding his fist on the table, shattering it to wood chips. “I have seen things that no man should ever have to see, and I’m here to make sure he never has to see them!” he jabbed his finger at the teenaged boy inside the orb, himself, twenty-one years ago. Clockwork placed a hand on Daniel Fenton’s shoulder.

“You are braver than any one I have ever met or seen in all of time, your heart is pure, and you don’t need me telling me that you will succeed. I know that you seek to prevent the deaths of your loved ones, your wife, children, but know that it is your fate, or should I say his fate” he pointed to Danny Phantom in the glass orb

Daniel smiled weakly.

“Everyone’s fate huh, you sure know how to take the pressure off of someone.” Clockwork chuckled.

“Here you’ll need this”, from his own robes the time master withdrew a small glass ball, and placed it in Daniel’s hand.

“What’s this?” he asked impatiently, sticking it in one of the many slots on his belt.

“The orb of memory, it will allow you to show your memoeries to anyone you wish, it may come in handy.”

He nodded turning to the orb. He placed a hand inside his cloak and drew from it a gold ring, with a green stone set in the center. He held it to his lips and whispered.

“I’ll save you this time Sam…. I swear it.” He returned the ring to his robes and placed his hand on the orb, his glowing green eyes filled with determination. And with that he was flung back in time, to where the fate of both world would be decided.


The crowd soon overwhelmed Danny, still cheering wildly. He was finally free of them once he heard his father call to him.

“Danny boy! over here!” He floated a few feet into the air, looking over to see his family, Sam and Tucker, gathered around a large jet that he hadnt seen before. It seemed to have been sent by the government becasue there were large men flanking the jet in all black suits, with tinted sunglasses. The plane was presumably there to take him back to Amnity.

He flew over to them and was quickly ushered into the jet, the guards stepped in front of it and held back the crowd. The moment he was inside he was enveloped in a massive hug from both his parents, which was saying alot considering his fathers hugs could crack ribs by themsleves.

“We’re so, so sorry” his mother sobbed into his shoulder. “I cant believe it was you we’ve been hunting all this time.”

“Why didn’t you tell us?” Jack asked quietly.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Jazz asked from behind them, where she sat next to Sam and Tucker, who were sitting wuietly, letting Danny have moment with his family. “All you’ve talked about over the last few months is finding the ghost kid and quote ‘rip him apart moelcule by molecule.'”

The two parents shuddered at the thought, Maddie put Danny at arms length at looked him in the eyes.

“You know that we would never hurt you on purpose, right sweetie?” she asked, tears still in her eyes.

“Of course not Mom” Danny said, hugging her reassuringly. “I’m just glad that I dont have to hide it anymore.”

“But how did it happen?” Jack asked what he and Maddie had been thinking the whole time. “I mean, we always thought it was impossible for a human to have ghost powers.”

“The portal.” he stated simply. His parents had been expecting this answer.

“We were there when it happened.” Sam said, Tucker nodded.

“Where you there Jazz?” Maddie asked her daughter.

“No, I found out on my own.” She gave her brother a smirk. “You cant hide things from me forever.”

“No kidding” Danny said shaking his head.

“Was it the accident in college that did that to Vlad?” Jack asked quietly, eyes downcast.

“Yea” Danny answered.

“I still can’t believe that he’s been tricking me all this time” he said shaking his head sadly. Maddie placed a comforting hand on his shoulder.

“Dont beat yourself up dear, we all trusted him, but it was all just a mask he put on to hide his true intentions,” a thought came to mind and she turned to Danny. “Why didnt you tell us about him?”

“Because, if I exposed him, he’d expose me, that was how it works,” Danny explained. As family and friends enjoyed simply being together, none of them noticed that a being was laying on top of their speeding jet, his head laying in his arms, staring up at the sky.

“Now all I have to do is wait…” the thirty-eight year old Daniel Fenton/Phantom said to himself. Amusing himself by manipulating clouds into funny shapes. Hey, a guys gotta do something to keep busy


When they returned they landed in front of the Manson’s house, Sam glanced nervously out the window, and saw her parents standin on the front steps, glaring at the jet with a deadly passion.

“Hey,” Danny whispered to her, notcing her worried expression, “It’ll be okay”. He reassured her, raising her chin so her eyes met his, she smiled.

“I know, see you later,” as she parted he gave him a small kiss on the lips and parted. As she stepped out of the plane, all of the remaining inhabitants of the plane’s eyes were locked on Danny, who was blushing as red as an oitalian sports car.

“What?” he asked, pretending as if nothing out of the ordianry had happened. Everyone remained silent until Jazz and Tucker spoke at once.

“Well it’s about time!” They all laughed as the plane took off again. Above them, the older Danny watched Sam approach her parents, fighting the urge to embrace her and never let go. Never again.

“Ugg, future wives parents about to scream at her for having anything to do with me, I’m out of here”. He wanted to stay near her, protect her, hell, the whole reason he’d came had been to prevent her future death. But He had other things to do if he had any chance of succeeding, he had to gather allies, prepare.

“I’m gonna need all the help I can get if I’m gonna win” With that he took off into the sky, invisible, heading to the most unlikely of destinations, the moon.

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