Danny Phantom Pornography Story: The Adventures of Dani Phantom – Chapter 8

Danny Phantom Pornography Story: The Adventures of Dani Phantom – Chapter 8

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The Adventures of Dani Phantom

Chapter 7: The Ghost and the Soldier

Brandon was waiting for Danielle to explain whatever she was going to say to him.

Well, Im a halfghostcloneofDannyPhantom so I dont have any parents. She said speeding up the middle of the sentence.

Whoa, whoa, slow down motor mouth, he said earning a sheepish look from Danielle, could you repeat the middle of that last sentence?

Im a half-ghost clone of Danny Phantom? she asked, reeling away a bit.

Okay, I got a couple of questions, Brandon began, One, what is a half-ghost, two how can you be a clone, and three, who is Danny Phantom? he asked with a skeptical look.

Okay, in order. Danielle said, This is a half-ghost, she then reverted to her ghost form, and then back to human, Brandons eyes widened in shock, I cant really prove Im a clone, but I assure you, I am, and Danny Phantom is a half-ghost ghost-hunter in Amity Park.

Brandon sat on the dusty ground, astounded by the wealth of information.

Suddenly an American soldier walked up to the duo, I heard you two were talking about Danny Phantom, he started, I live in Amity Park and hes saved my life multiple times, Ill never know why the government hates him so muchwell anyway, I gotta get back to patrol, nice talkin to you guys. The American soldier gestured, walking back on the path he was before, Brandon just stared in front of him.

Brandonare you ok? Danielle asked.

Well, it depends on your definition of okay. Brandon replied, still staring in front of him.

Danielle palm then met her forehead with a smack, what is with this guy, she thought.

The situation stayed the same for a couple of hours, and Danielle was about to fall asleep when Brandon realized, Oh no, its 9:50, I need to be in the barracks, pronto! he exclaimed, scrambling up to his feet and rushing off towards the Canadian base.

It would take at least 15 minutes to get to the Canadian base. The next thing Brandon knew, his feet were off the ground and he was flying over Kabul, Holy-what the, he then looked up to see Danielle flying him towards the base, she then dropped him off in his barracks, and right before his sergeant got to him on roll call, too.

The next day, after doing a few drills in the parade grounds, he went around the town looking for the little girl. He checked everywhere, the sign where they met, by the mess hall, and even the motor pool.

He had no idea where she could be until, BOO! Yelled Danielle in his ear, causing him to jump five feet.

Geez, you nearly gave me a heart attack, Brandon scolded, and then his scowl melted into a smile, Where were you anyway? He asked.

Stealing food from the cafeteriapretty good stuff, better than Americas cafeteria she said with a thoughtful grin.

Suddenly a desert painted LAV III with a Canadian flag painted on its side squealed to a stop, Brandon stood at attention while Danielle went invisible, and hid behind him.

Corporal Bourdon, A scruffy looking man yelled, stomped out of the car and getting in his face, What in tar nation are you doing here!? he yelled/asked

Just looking around the city, sir! he replied, screaming equally as loud.

Did you forget we are moving out today, Corporal!? His sergeant asked him with rage in his voice.

Sorry sir, it wont happen again, sir! Brandon replied submissively.

He then proceeded to follow his sergeant into the LAV III, while Danielle followed Brandon invisibly.


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